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" We at Eagles Team have a lot to thank our customers who believe in our work and who trust us. In particular Laura Kennedy"


Mrs. Tatiane Ribeiro and Ms. Wanessa Fagundes

Eagles Cleaning owners



By JiaYing Grygiel - Special to At Home in the Northwest

Spring cleaning: Local pros provide their best tips to get a squeaky clean space

Seattle Times Eagles Cleaning LLC

Cleaning floors with a vinegar solution is safe and effective, especially for allergy sufferers, says Eagles Cleaning owner Tatiane Ribeiro. (Getty Images)

...“Clean the floor with vinegar [and water]. After removing all the dirt from the floor with the vacuum, it’s time to sanitize with a totally safe and effective product, especially for allergy sufferers. Apply the [solution] to the floor via a mop with a few overlapping layers. Vinegar for food use is not recommended, as it leaves an unpleasant smell in the environment, and in some cases stains the floor.”

Tatiane Ribeiro, owner of Eagles Cleaning 

In the bathroom

“Just soap and water are enough to keep your mirror clean and spotless. We do not recommend using products that contain ammonia. Scrub the mirror with a loofah dipped in soap and water, without applying a lot of force to the brushing. With a squeegee, remove the excess soapy water and finish the cleaning with a slightly damp cloth.”

Tatiane Ribeiro

** The Seattle Times Company is a privately owned publisher of daily and weekly newspapers in the U.S. state of Washington. Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1896, the company is now in its fourth and fifth generations of ownership by the Blethen family

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